Food Quote: Problems don’t exist, only chocolate opportunities

Problems Don’t Exist, Only [Chocolate] Opportunities.

Do you know the original quote?

“Problems don’t exist, only opportunities.” Unknown author

It’s pretty much the same idea but with an interesting twist.

Actually the word chocolate, which has on its own a “happy feeling” for most people, add a dark side to this positive quote. How? It could indicate someone who don’t want to face problems and pretend to be happy by getting lost in superficial acts (like eating chocolate). How can chocolate resolve anything?

Regarding the original quote, I think it tells you that, whatever the problem, it will always give you an opportunity to do something, either to face it and find a solution or it might give you the opportunity to focus on something else, but you need to see it as a positive outcome whatever how serious is the problem.

Now if I tell you problems don’t exist, only chocolate opportunities, what do you think?

That you shouldn’t be sad about a problem because it’s your occasion to eat a whole bar of chocolate guilt free?

Hmmm… this is something pretty unhealthy to say to someone with lots of problems!

There’s another way to consider that quote though. In my opinion, it is the occasion to cheer up some friend or myself for feeling down. Not because chocolate is the answer to my problem but because I see at as a reminder to look at the bright side. It’s not easy to see an actual opportunity when a problem comes up. But because chocolate is such a silly answer to any problem, it should make you smile. You should get up and eat some chocolate and smile to yourself. Now you’re ready to take control of your life again!

What do you think? Do you agree with “chocolate opportunities” or do you think it is just silly?

food quote_problems dont exist

*Every food quote and picture on this website is mine.



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