15 Meal ideas for toddlers

It’s not always easy – wait, actually it’s pretty tough – feeding a child. 

The beginning…

When, around 6 months, comes the time to introduce real food to baby, people – including me – usually freak out completely.

You can read as many book as you want, listen as many advices as you want, you will make mistakes, it will be difficult AF, the days will suddenly seem longer because half of the time you’ll have to think about food (not yours, you will barely have time to eat) and the other half thinking about poo – Did he poo today? Is that colour normal? Why is it so hard? Why is it green? What are those little seeds? – and on top of that you will feel like shit because a little voice inside you will tell you that you’re not doing enough. I probably just described parenthood I think.

But then it’s a lot of fun. Just remembering that little animal chewing food for the first time on his own is one of the most enjoyable feeling I ever had.

For the record we went for baby led weaning. The anarchic method. The one that many people still look at you with horrified eyes when you tell them that your 6 months old baby already chewed tomato, strawberry and octopus when they’re still worried about introducing carrot purée.

Toddler meal from 1 year old.

There is this huge milestone in your child diet when he turns 1. For half a year everyone will tell you that a baby shouldn’t eat this or that… until he’s 1. That’s a HUGE deal. So the funny thing is that, the exact day of his first birthday I actually took a deep breath and I felt my body relaxed a little for the first time in 6 months: he will eat what we eat and THAT’S IT.

That’s not it obviously. See, the problem is, here in London he started to eat very early with the daily nursery routine: lunch at 11am therefore dinner at 6pm. We don’t always want to eat at 6pm, especially because Daddy Lobster get home around 7pm. So I’m STILL, often, cooking a special meal just for him. And then comes the real fun:

  • signs of independence: when even without word he makes very clear that he won’t eat without having a spoon or a fork.
  • signs of pickiness: when he start refusing and spitting what he ate happily for months or even the day before.
  • signs of provocation: when looking right into your eyes he picks something from his plate and slowly move his hand out of his tray and let it fall on the floor without taking his eyes off you.

So, I feel for every parent on this planet and I want to share a few favourite meal of my toddler, that might, who knows, also work for yours.

  1. short pasta cooked with grated courgette mixed with ricotta/spreadable cheese
  2. salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and green beans
  3. fish filet, boiled carrots and homemade rye blinis (literally just rye flour and water)
  4. risotto with mushrooms or green peas or pumpkin or pretty much anything
  5. boiled egg, asparagus and potatoes
  6. pasta al ragù (pasta with homemade meat and tomato sauce)
  7. pasta with pesto, potato and green beans
  8. couscous, tomato sauce, veggies and chickpeas
  9. mashed potato and ham
  10. polenta, cheese and green peas
  11. basmati rice with mushrooms and crème fraîche
  12. chicken curry with rice
  13. potato, oatmeal and cheese balls (this is a bestseller I have to write down someday)
  14. omelet with leek and cheese
  15. savoury pies (with homemade pie crust and whatever is in my fridge)

What are your child’s favourite meals? I would love to know!


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