One pan chicken and courgette crumble

A one-pan recipe means that your whole meal is cooked in one pan/baking tray, so it’s stress-free and most of all, it means way less washing-up. Now, do you have any idea how satisfying is a recipe that is one-pan style, 3 ingredients, cheap AND delicious?

This is my favourite one so far. Usually I make it for two people in a larger baking pan but I love my cute mini baking pan and I wanted to treat myself for lunch for once, instead of the usual quick pasta or sandwich or anything quick I manage to make.

So for two people you just have to double the quantity.

Positive: I’ll repeat myself but, one-pan style, 3 ingredients, cheap and delicious.

Negative: It’s a shame if you haven’t tried it already!

Ingredients for 1:

  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1/2 courgette
  • 40 g parmesan cheese

In your pantry:

  • 1 tbsp breadcrumbs (or just make it yourself like I did with stale bread)
  • salt, pepper
  • oregano
  • olive oil


Preheat oven to 180°C.

Step 1: Wash and slice thinly courgette lengthwise.

Grease your baking pan with olive oil and cover the bottom with courgette in one layer. Season with a little bit of salt (too much salt will make too much water and the saltiness will come with the cheesy crumble), pepper, oregano.


Step 2: Next, cut your chicken breast lengthwise and place it on top of the courgette. Season with a bit of salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.


Step 3: You made your crumble by blending hard cheese and stale bread (or use breadcrumbs if you have it). You can get creative here. For example this time I tried 20 g parmesan and 20 g cheddar cheese, but you could try with a part of mozzarella as well.


Once it gets powdery, cover the chicken with your crumble and place in oven for 20 minutes until it turns golden and crispy.

chicken and courgette crumble.jpg

one pan chicken and courgette crumble.jpg

My advice: I enjoy this dish so much! It takes 10 minutes to prepare, you leave it 20 minutes in the oven and you get a healthy meal, crispy on top and juicy inside.

I’ve also experimented it with thin raw slices of pumpkin instead and it is absolutely delicious too!


What do you think?

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