Grilled courgette rolls with cheese and shallots

I’m always looking for ideas to make cool appetisers, and though courgette rolls are already quite famous I wanted to take over this classic recipe and make it mine.

Cooking is about experimenting all the time, which means eventually success will arrive but you might meet lots of failures before. Keep calm. Keep cooking.

That being said, my first courgette rolls experiment was a total success! Not only I loved them but they’ve been appreciated by a few people as well. Although before to make them you need to keep in mind two things:

  1. This recipe is easier if you have a grill pan – the one with stripes – or a grilling machine (that’s what I used) – perfect to cook toasts, veggies, meat or fish -, otherwise the courgette slices will cook in their water and get really soft and watery. Or you can decide to eat them raw if you slice them really thin.
  2. That’s the other thing. Slicing the courgette. I tried with a mandolin (not so easy), and I ended up slicing them with a long knife but I guess you can try with a vegetable peeler as well.

Positive: Creamy and tender, deliciously sweet and savoury thanks to the caramelised shallot. Still pretty healthy.

Negative: The slicing part is a bit annoying but even if you don’t use a few ruined slices you can still grill them and eat them too.

Ingredients for 6 rolls:

  • 1 courgette (=6/7 slices of 2mm)
  • 120 g ricotta
  • 1/2 shallot (about 15 g)

In your pantry:

  • evo oil
  • honey (or sugar)
  • salt, pepper
  • herbs (optional)


So, wash and slice your courgette the way you prefer (as seen above). Brush them slightly with olive oil. Grill them until tender, either on a grill pan or a grilling machine.

Peel and chop shallot. In a small anti-adhesive skillet, add a teaspoon of olive oil and cook shallot for 2 minutes on medium heat, then add a teaspoon of honey (or sugar) and cook for one more minute stirring well until it turns slightly brown. Remove to a platter and cover with kitchen towel to eventually absorb water.

In a mixing bowl, combine cheese (any creamy cheese should be fine) with shallot, salt, pepper and herb of your choice – I used tarragon that I love, but you can use oregano, basil or parsley.

With a butter knife – spread evenly the cheesy mixture on each courgette slice. Be generous (see picture below).

zucchini rolls with cheese.jpg

Last step, roll up gently your grilled courgette rolls and place them on a platter to be served. To eat immediately or keep in fridge until ready to serve.


My advice: This recipe has so much potential! Keeping it with 3 ingredients you could use:

  • To roll: courgette or eggplant (I can’t think of any better vegetables)
  • A creamy base: cheese, hummus, guacamole,…
  • Condiment/flavours: lemon, mustard, herbs, spices, seeds, chopped olives, ham,…

What do you think?

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