Remember, silence is suspicious

“Remember, silence is suspicious”


My little Lobster just turned 9 months recently, and it made me think about this great lesson I learned on my own: silence is suspicious. Always.

You get so used to that constant background noise made of crying, babaBAAA, AAAAaaaaaaAAAhhhh and co., that you barely notice it after a while.

This silence is suspicious instinct saved me (actually, him) already a few times.

L. is full of energy, when he plays by himself I can clearly hear him. The few times I suddenly stopped hearing him for over 1 minute, he was usually chewing on something he definitely should not.

As I was writing this post for example, he was playing with a book so peacefully I KNEW something was wrong. Indeed. He was literally devouring that book!


Sometimes I just hate being right…



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