Mums have that magic power to understand tears

“Mums have that magic power to understand tears.”

Hearing a baby crying used to be just like hearing a tiny human making (a lot of) noise.

Then you become a mum and it’s like having that magic power to understand all kind of crying.

The one that says “I’m bored, I need attention!!! Come to play with meeeee!“. Probably the most common and recurrent one among tiny humans.

The one that says “Why are you abandoning meeee?” when you leave the room for 5 seconds.

The one that says “I’m so desperately hungry!!!!” when you are 2 minutes late to give him lunch/dinner.

The one that says “Gimme back my piece of bread/food I was eating! I hate you! It was mine, mine, mine! How dare you taking that big chunk out of my mouth??!” when you literally have to go inside baby’s mouth to take off a piece of food the size of his fist.

The one that says “I’m so tired but I can’t manage to fall asleep on my own!!” when he keeps crying, eyes closed.

The one that says “Ouuuuuch, that was sooo painful, even if it took me 5 whole seconds to get it!” when he accidentally bump his head.

The one that says “I’m sooo sad, but I will stop crying if you just take me in your arms!“.

And then there is the one that really breaks your heart. The one that says “Mummy what’s going on? Why does it hurt so much??” when he is really in pain, when he’s got stomach pain, teeth ache, fever or any kind of pain you would pay to take instead of him.


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