Polish gnocchi [vegan]

You need only 3 ingredients: potatoes, flour and salt, to make these delicious Polish gnocchi.

Positive: Easy. Yummy.

Negative: They are a few steps, although very easy, it requires some time to make them.

Ingredients for 2-3:

  • 4 potatoes (500 g)
  • 140 g flour

In your pantry:

  • oil or butter
  • salt


Peel and cut potatoes into slices (so they cook faster!). Place them in salted boiling water and cook until tender.

Drain and allow to cool down.

Put potatoes into a large bowl and mash until smooth (I did it with a fork).

Combine flour with mashed potatoes using your hand, until soft ( it shouldn’t be sticky anymore).

Using a board sprinkled with extra flour, start rolling your dough into a big cylinder then cut into 4-5 equal parts.

Roll then each piece into a new cylinder. Flatten them with the palm of your hand, so you obtain like a “flatten baguette”, and cut diagonally your gnocchi (about 1 cm large).

polish gnocchi.jpg

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, drop a few gnocchi at a time, they will rise to the top when cooked. You will then take them out with a slotted spoon and drain them. Repeat until all your gnocchi are cooked. Rinse them immediately with cold water so they don’t stick to each other!

szagofkis polish gnocchi.jpg

Now heat some butter/oil in a large skillet and cook your polish gnocchi a few minutes until slightly golden.

Serve immediately with parmesan cheese, oregano and black pepper.

szagofkis recipe

My advice:Β I’ve never made gnocchi before but this recipe is so simple I had to try it, and the result is sooo good… You can eat them in many ways, sauces, different shapes but sometimes the easiest is the best.

Tips for baby: if you cook them only with a tinyΒ bit of oil (or just boiled, even better), you can even offer them to baby who will enjoy the soft but chewy texture like my Lobster, 7 months, did (of course you must judge the consistency before giving it to baby).


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