Baby led weaning: 1 month later

Caution: unwind post.

Ok baby led weaning is not all rosy. You think that if baby can eat what you eat, that if there are no rules about when introducing new ingredients or quantities then it’s gonna be… easy. Note to myself: feeding your child is not easy whatever path you decide to take.

It’s fun, you feel free of experimenting anything, anytime, though you still have to respect one rule: it has to be healthy and balanced. THAT one rule will just break your b***s forever.

Having too many options IS complicated. In addition to being a partner, a new mum, a cook, a cleaner, a nurse, a worker – and I probably forget many other aprons we have to put on – you have to become a nutritionist. Right.

Let’s say you’re having fun experimenting, you prepare pretty healthy and varied meals for baby every day. Which would be my situation, I think. No one prepares you to how much patience and self-control you must show!!! They prepare you to how tough are going to be the two first months: big change, lake of sleep, hormones, breakdown… bla bla bla. Most of all I remember them saying: “If you feel like throwing your baby from the window or strangle him at some point, it’s normal (as long as you don’t actually do it obviously).” I’ve never had that feeling, I mean, going really crazy. TILL NOW.

The funny thing is, as long as you don’t “live” it, you actually think you will find a solution to make it better. Even his dad who experiments the difficulty from time to time has no idea how STRESSFUL and EXHAUSTING is to feed a baby everyday!

So many screams and tears and sweat (yeah because you try to trick him, to dance, to sing, to play,…) just for… 3 spoons?! And as a result, most of his meal is spread on his tray and most of his body including nose, eyes, ears, hair, arms, feet (!). And on the floor. And you spent 2 hours for that result. Twice a day.

At the end of the day I JUST NEED VODKA. Good day y’all.



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