What does a 6 months old baby eat?

“Tell me what your baby eats, I’ll tell you who you are.”

From all the “diets” suggested for young babies, I decided my Lobster won’t have any of them. I’m kind of following the “baby-led weaning” style, which has basically no rule (see my previous post) so for the last 3 weeks he’s been tasting a bit of everything that I judged healthy and safe to chew. Since you’re probably wondering what, here is how it went so far:

1st week: the scariest, how do I start??

  • banana and loquat (a chinese plum very common here in Italy: nespola in Italian)

Yes, that’s how it started. Not exactly what you expected, right? Well that’s what I had at home. I knew banana was safe. Loquat is a mixture of peach and citrus flavours, delicate and juicy. The first times, he just sucked on both fruits cautiously then greedily (which has more sense for loquat, not so much for banana…!) and ask for more, giving me the green light to go on.

2nd week: starting with fruit is too easy, what about vegetables?!

Steamed veggies, I wanted to see some reactions, I was so excited. Steamed and cut into pieces that he could grab, I offered him one piece at a time. He tasted a bit of everything and seemed to ask for more!

  • steamed carrot: easy to grasp and soft enough to bite but not to chew.
  • steamed potato: difficult to handle (he kept squashing it). He enjoyed it but with help.
  • steamed courgette: perfect. Easy to grasp and juicy.

So we went on and on… certainly too much for his 1st time, so… he ended up vomiting all of it. Patience is the key.

The next days:

  • boiled courgette stick: perfect
  • tomato/mozzarella: he sucked on some tomato flesh I gave him (not the seeds) and mozzarella, well, bad idea, he sucked on it but a small piece went in the wrong hole…
  • strawberry: he ate it (1/3) like a starving man!
  • steamed pepper stick: difficult to handle AND to chew
  • octopus (at a wedding party): what?!! Yes, I hold just a white piece of it (without suckers) and he enjoyed some octopus being 5 and 1/2 months :)
  • green peas: I squashed them, took off the skin (just 5, eh!) and gave them to him with a spoon.

3rd week: from 1/2 teaspoon to 3 teaspoons

  • red lentil pureed soup: I even tried different version but he never eats more than 1/2 teaspoon. I’m going to give up with red lentils for now…
  • mango slice: wow, even better than the strawberry experience.
  • avocado (slice and spoon): well riped, avocado is perfect to eat for a baby. I gave him a slice with the skin on from which I gradually cut the top so he could easily eat it without completely squashing it.
  • boiled squashed potato: once he ate about 2 teaspoon of it!
  • green peas and carrot purée: I couldn’t make it smooth enough for some reason so he had difficulties.
  • kiwi: just the green part
  • fruit purée: banana/raisins, apple/banana, apple/raisins/cinnamon (big fan!)


So yes, he’s not 6 months old yet and he already tried many things.

Sometimes stuff he can eat on his own, sometimes I feed him with a spoon.

Sometimes he’s too agitated so I don’t force him.

I offer him food about 3 times a day: lunch (savoury), tea time (fruit/fruit purée) and dinner (savoury).

Sometimes he eats the equivalent of 1/2 a teaspoon, sometimes he can eat about 3-4 teaspoons and sometimes it gets messy! :)

What is your experience? What did you give your baby to eat? Or what will you give him/her?


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