The one million dollar question

“He is the spitting image of…”

(source: mine)

…his father, of course!

The first hundred times, when you hear that your child looks exactly like his father, it’s not a problem. Coming from the father’s family and friends, you think it’s absolutely normal. Even if they don’t have to say it every time you see them (you still remember the first time they told you).

Then, when every person, known and unknown you meet, says it to you as well, you’re like: OK, yeah I know.

But guys, after almost 4 months that I’m hearing that the child I carried for 9 months and gave birth (let’s remember this part, most of all), the one I breastfeed and take care of everyday and the whole day, is the spitting image of his father and has nothing of me… WELL, it’s getting slightly on my nerves.

Even if it’s true, you probably told me once already. So give me a break and keep it to yourself. I’m saying all this with lots of affection. Obviously.

I mean, I’m not jealous. He’s beautiful anyway (obviously). It’s just that some people have a way to make you feel like you have nothing to do with the child…


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