There’s no routine with a child

“There’s no routine with a child”

(source: mine)

No. There’s no routine. Unless you live in a temporal paradox and you’re blindfolded, like me recently: I was saying (and thinking!) that Liam and I had a “routine”, that he slept always 8 hours, or most of the time. Haha! No, no and no. That’s a complete lie.

If you have a newborn make yourself a favour and erase the concept of routine from your mind. Even if it get easier with the time, there’s no one week like the other. If you’re lucky (or not, it’s a point of view), one day could be similar to the next one. But it’s not what you can call routine. In fact, if Liam sleeps three days in a row until 8am, I would call it a victory. It’s what I did last weekend, saying to everyone: “That’s it, my son is 3 months old and he sleeps all night, I’m so lucky!!” After that, he has been waking me up at 5.45am for the next four days. Lesson learned.

The thing is, we mums, live in a different space time continuum, three days seem like a week and a week feel like a month. Every day is different but is also the same because it’s all about him or her. Nights are much shorter. Weekends… wait, what are weekends? Oh yeah, it’s when daddy is home. You only remember the day of the year when you have to book a paediatric visit.

The reason that make you think a routine is going on, other than living in a different space time continuum, is that you get more skilled therefore more confident and piano piano you realise thatΒ you even manage some time for yourself.

But don’t get too confident, because there’s no routine for you anymore.


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