Special father’s day

“One sick dad is like having two kids at home”

(source: mine)

Men are usually stronger, to carry heavy stuff, to not show their feelings… but when it comes to handle being sick… wow, they are like babies, and I’m talking newborn here. The kind that wakes you up ALL NIGHT because he’s cold:

3 am: “My feet are so cold, I can’t manage to warm them up!!!” – “Did you put some socks on?” – “No.”

9 am: “Last night was terrible, I mean my body was literally shaking!!” – “Mmm… it’s called fever.” – “But it never happened to me before!!” – “…!”

6 pm: “I have a terrible headache…” – “Did you take a painkiller?” – “No.”

The kind that coughs out and loud in case you didn’t notice or hear that he was sick.

The kind that keeps saying “I’m not feeling well…” in case you didn’t notice or hear the cough (which is pretty much impossible since he coughs without covering his mouth so you can see all of it and share all of it).

But this one is my favourite one:

9 pm: “I’m so cold and sweaty…” – “Ok, let’s take your temperature. How much does the thermometer say?” – “35,9°C. It’s not even working!!”

Fortunately my son’s dad is not sick too often, and the rest of the time he’s a super dad!

Happy father’s day! Love you :)



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