Keep calm, try not to hate people

Self-control you will learn.

(source: mine)

Pregnancy: may the force be with you

As soon as you get pregnant you discover that people are full of experience to share with you. Even if they don’t have children and most of all, even if you don’t want to hear them.

No because you see, I know a friend of a friend who had a baby and she ate this and drank that and it went well so you can definitely do it too.

Perfect! After the advice of my mother, my obstetrician, my friends with children, my boyfriend’s family (5 couples!)… I just needed another advice from someone without children that I barely know.

Afterbirth: you grow more self-control than Yoda

Mothers, childless friends, childless person who are not your friend, even people in the street or at the supermarket have to give their opinion! They literally make you stop in the street to say stuff like: “Aww, how cute… but is he OK in this baby wrap, he seems a bit squeezed in there?” or the other day at the supermarket “How old is he? (…) Are you happy?” I mean what the f**k guys?! That is so rude! And I have endless stories like this, you want another one? Yesterday, at the supermarket (again), I was paying and Liam was sleeping in his baby carriage when an old lady arrived and came really close to him to babble and wave at him, without even looking at me. Did I say he was sleeping? (WTF?!)

I’m not really angry with anyone except for everyone who touched my belly without asking when I was pregnant, and unknown people I meet with stupid phrases like written above. That’s how much self-control I have since Liam is here!


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