Your new BFF

In English: dummy, pacifier, soother.

In French: tétine, tototte, tututte, toutouille.

In Italian: succhietto, ciuccio, ciucciotto.

In international mums language: bff (best friend forever).

source: mine

Whatever how you call it, whatever what they tell you about it, don’t underestimate its power.

I won’t tell you the dos and don’ts of using it because everyone has his own opinion. I will just tell you how far goes its power:

First and non-negligible advantage

On the night of his first month, I gave “it” to Liam. He finally didn’t use my nipple as a pacifier anymore. I finally got to sleep a few hours between two breast feeds. Non-negligible, huh?

The soother

Next, I realised how much this “thing” can soothe him. And my ears. It didn’t happened a lot at first. Actually it started from the second month. The evening crying baby crisis. It breaks not only your ears, but your heart when it happens. During these crisis, the pacifier works like magic. That, and walking around with him in my arms, but the last solution doesn’t work so well with my back.

You will panic without it

Last but not least, you will panic if you forget it while out. Even if Liam is already used to bars and restaurants and friends and family dinner, and he’s like the most social baby I could imagine, I always remember his pacifier at the last minute before to go out, like “oh my god, I was about to go out without “it”, that is so crazy!”. Because it became my bff indeed.


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