Mother: full-time job

“Are you unemployed?”

“Yes but I have a full-time job.”

(source: life)

I’ve always heard that being a mother is the toughest job in the world. And before to become one, you are like “yeah ok sure, but you can’t be just a mother, lots of women have kids and manage to have a career and stuff.” Right. I’m not saying you can’t, and I definitely don’t want to be (and won’t be) a housewife, but let me tell you that the first months you DO realise how tough is to be a mother.

Before Liam was born I was scared to stay at home with a baby and get bored. I was thinking at least I will have a lot of time to read. Haha! That was before.

The first month, you don’t read a book. You don’t watch TV. You don’t cook. You don’t clean the house. You barely remember to wash your teeth and you wait for his dad to come back from work to take a shower. True story.

Busy time

The first month , if it goes smoothly, you sit. You feed him. You make him burp. You change him. You watch him sleep in your arms. Then you feed him. You make him burp. You change him. All day long. Oh there are a few thing that you manage to do, from time to time: take a nap, making a washing machine (unfortunately, it actually comes before the luxury of taking a nap), eating. It took me a few weeks before to take a shower while alone with him. I still remember, such a victory!

Scheduling time 

After the zombie-cow period (for me it lasted a month) you start doing things: groceries, visiting friends, going for a walk, then comes all the medical visits and exams. You also start taking time to entertain him, stimulate him. Basically, you start having a routine. So you do one or two of these things a day because you calculate everything: from sleeping time, stimulating time and time out. Scheduling his time and yours becomes a priority to maintain peace during the day and a good night sleep (hopefully!). But to be clear, sometimes you have TWO things to do that day, and you barely manage to do one because something just went wrong in the timing.

The scheduling time is sweet, I feel more relaxed, but on the other side, I can’t wait to go back to work, social life, adult life! Let’s see when. For now (2 months and 1/2) I’m enjoying this crucial time with my boy.


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