Easy bread recipes

Dinner is ready. But no bread? How did this happened?? Well, it happens all the time. Don’t worry, they are many non-painful solutions.

1- chapati (Indian bread): you should have everything: flour, salt, water

Put flour in a jar with a pinch of salt. Add slowly water and knead well as you do so to obtain an elastic but non-sticky dough. Divide the dough in small golf-balls size. Spread flour on the rolling surface and make flat and thin disks. Heat a pan on a medium flame and place chapati to cook. It is ready to flip when you begin to see raised bumps on its surface. Chapati is ready as soon as the other side start colouring.

2- batbout (Moroccan bread): 1 teaspoon baking powder – flax seeds or other seeds (optional) – (you should also have: 175 g of flour – salt – water)

bread recipe in a pan

Mix flour and salt in a jar. Add baking powder then pour slowly a small glass of tepid water, kneading as you go along to obtain a smooth dough. Roll out dough on a floured surface to obtain circles of 4mm thick and 5-6 cm diameter (you can use a glass). Cover them with a tea towel for 30 mn. Place batbouts in a hot pan on medium heat and cook a few minutes on each side. They are ready when puffed-up and slightly golden.

3- flat bread (Jamie Oliver bread): 1 yogurt (you should also have: 125 g flour – 1 teaspoon baking powder)


Mix all ingredients together and leave aside for 10 minutes. Knead gently dough then divide it in small balls. Roll out on a floured surface to obtain flat rounds. With a knife cut a few lines in the center of each round. Place a pan on hight heat. Once hot, cook flatbreads for about 1-2 minutes on each sides.

My advice: chapati are the cheapest to make as you really need nothing but flour and water and it saved my last-minute dinner a few times, but it’s more of a tortilla so it’s not great for sauce or sandwiches. Jamie Oliver’s flatbread is the quickest if you have yogurt at home and perfect to accompany a meal with sauce. Batbouts are my favourite ones, even though you have to wait 30 minutes, they are puffy and great filled with cheese!


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