Spinach sushi

How cool are these spinach sushi?

Positive: Perfect for vegetarian and vegan. It only takes a few minutes to make them. And to eat them. They also look extremely elegant.

Negative: They are very light, so don’t expect consistency here.

Ingredients: spinach (frozen or fresh)- nori sheets (seaweed) – sesame seeds


Cook spinach in boiling water with salt. When ready, drain themΒ as much as possible.

Place a nori sheet on a cutting board. Put some (well drained) spinach along one extremity of the sheet giving it a thin sausage-shape.

Start rolling the sheet (think about rolling a cigarette to visualise it) to cover the spinach and cut the sheet right after.

Dampen the top boarder with a little water to seal. Wrap tightly.

With a sharp knife cut your roll into smaller one (about 4 cm) and place them on a plate.

Toast sesame seeds a few seconds in a frying pan and sprinkle them on top of your spinach sushi.

My advice: You should definitely deep them in soy sauce for a complete “sushi style experience”!


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