The first month…

I can’t decide if

I need a hug,

a large coffee,

six shots of vodka or

two weeks of sleep!

(source: instagram)

Well, the first month your lack of sleep is so important that you think it’s only what you need. Until you get there, you don’t actually realise that sleep is a fundamental need. You think “When I was younger – wait, that sounds really bad… – I used to party all night and go straight to work without sleeping. Finger in the nose!”. Except that you probably have forgotten that the following weekend you enjoyed a good 16 hours sleep…

Even if you are able to take micro-nap during the day, as being able to fall asleep deeply in 2 minutes becomes a priority, it doesn’t replace real night sleep. Here we’re talking 2-3 hours sleep at night (not even in a row) and it is pretty tough. It makes you cry. Real tears. It makes you literally crazy. I remember feeling completely empty and being unable to think.

Liam gave me my first 6 hours sleep one month and a half after he was born. And I experienced again pure joy!

So yes, during the first month, you might need all of it: hug, caffeine, alcohol and most of all… a good night sleep!



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